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Eliminate 90% of coolant or oil mist with the ELIMINATOR!


The patented ELIMINATOR works in any type of mist collection system: centrifugal, media or electrostatic.

JJG Air Solutions can help you clear the air in your plant - for Health, Safety and Savings. Start with the patented ELIMINATOR.
Clear the air and save money with the ELIMINATOR.

The patented ELIMINATOR pre-filter is an integral part of every STEALTH Mist Collection System. It is designed to fit inside the plenum of STEALTH vertical collectors up to our ST-1624HP model. The patented ELIMINATOR pre-filtering device can also be used in-line with almost any conventional mist collector.

The mist-contaminated air is pulled through a cylinder that contains stationary vanes which, in turn, force the air to spin in a cyclonic fashion. This turbulent effect forces the heavy airborne particles to the outer wall of the collection chamber. The collected mist is now in liquid form and routed to the drain. The oil or coolant can be recycled directly back into the machine sump or other reservoir.

When installed properly, the ELIMINATOR can be 90 to 95% effective in removing mist from the air. There are no filters to replace and no parts that will wear out. It is completely washable and built to last.



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