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JJG Air Solutions Engineering provides its partner/clients with a wide array of industrial mist collection, dust, smoke, fume and odor control solutions. Our goal is to help solve your air quality problems and save you money in the process. Want immediate assistance? Call us: (414) 427-9585.
The Eliminator
    Click to learn more about the Eliminator...   The Eliminator is a patented pre-filtering device used in every Stealth Mist Collection System and is also used effectively in conjunction with conventional mist collectors. It works in any type of mist collection system: centrifugal, media or electrostatic.      

Stealth Mist Collection

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Uncollected coolant and oil mist are costing you money!

STEALTH Mist Collection Systems can be installed on CNC, automatic or manual units.

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Featured Application:

Capturing Your Machine Mist:
The STEALTH is the Answer!

ST-3600H4 Quad Filter Model

More manufacturers are looking to reduce machining emissions either into their plant environment or into the outside atmosphere. The STEALTH is the answer! Shown on the right is a STEALTH ST-3600H4 Quad Filter model ducted to 3 CNC carbide grinders...

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